Reiki Session

Would you like to have a Reiki session?

Hello, I am Yuichi Ibi of Nikusui Reiki Healing.

People from all over the world visit my salon to experience Reiki sessions.

Although my English is not very good, I always enjoy our sessions because of the common topic of Reiki.

The Reiki I practice was transmitted only in Japan.I practice daily based on traditional Japanese Reiki teachings.

My Reiki lineage is as follows 

Usui sensei

Hayashi senseiHayashi sensei

Takata sensei

Yamaguchi sensei

Inamoto Hyakuten sensei
(My teacher)

Yuichi Ibi

~Reiki Session~

30 min. 3000 yen
60 min. 6000 yen

You would like a Reiki session, please e-mail or call me.


Please be gentle on the phone as it may be a little tricky.Sessions can be experienced regardless of Reiki experience.

We invite you to experience traditional Japanese Reiki.

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